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1st Ni-Varak

A mobile based wireless thermometer and face recognitions

Corona Ni-Varak is a mobile based thermometer and optional face recognition solution. Builds the centralised database of all screened users with details which includes name, photo, phone no, date time, geo location and temperature. Portable, battery powered quickly builds the data, which can be analysed by Govt for further actions. One nation and one database.

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2nd Shuddhi Box

UV+ Ozone disinfectant cum wireless charging

Arista Vault presents Shuddhi Box; the complete solution to fight against Corona through virus spread by Mobile Phones Bank notes Watches and Electronic gadgets which are not washable or any liquid sanitizer spray. So shuddhi box will harraness Sunlight, the best Disinfectant technique to fight against any virus is Through UV-C the controlled environmental frequency with Ozone and electo-opticals the perfect dose to kill 99.99% of dangerous Virus, airborne flue and pathozens and clean your device automatically within 5 mins, Not only this Shuddhi box will provide wireless charging to any model mobile device if place it on top.It makes sure the mobile to be Virus free & super clean that too without any Water, Sanitizer or Mist.

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Microwave Corona Bluster

A Microwave Corona Bluster named ‘RakShak’, disinfect or disintegrate the corona virus based on Microwave Resonant Absorption (MRA) principle with some threshold microwave power density within the human safe limit , which can provide a pathway towards establishing a new pandemic prevention strategy in open public places for airborne COVID 19 viruses. It can kill the corona virus at any surface or air borne condition. It is portable, handheld and also can be made autonomous as a RakShak Robot or Drone.