An IESA / STPI Initiative to attract incubates for EP Bhubaneswar

The world is shifting towards Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. This paradigm shift is creating the need for smart, sustainable, low-cost and efficient solutions for industry and for life in general. The need for solutions in these areas is projected to grow manifold in the coming decades.

The demand for electronics products in India is projected to grow at 41% CAGR to USD 400Bn by 2025. This increase will be a result of the projected spurt in disposable income and rising demand of the middle/working class, coupled with the needs of the industry to become more productive and globally competitive.

Adding to these, efforts such as Digital India, Smart Cities, Sustainable Transportation, Energy Efficiency by Government, central & state, will only enhance the demand and market for electronics and electronically-enabled products in the future.

While the above is the market end of the India Electronics story, products truly ‘made in India’, meaning designed and manufactured in India, are a recent phenomenon – mostly the last decade. With efforts such as Make-in-India, StartupIndia in the past few years, a welcome, growing focus has been placed on indigenous development of electronics products for 21st century needs, not just domestic but global.

Each startup will be allotted 15 minutes for presentation - the first 10 mins for demonstrating the product/platform and the next 5 mins for Q&A round (with jury)

Why Make @Indiathon # Makeathon

Recent collaborative initiatives by Government and industry associations such as Electropreneur Park – MEITY+IESA, CoE on IoT – MEITY+NASSCOM are few examples of efforts to promote indigenous electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry.

Added to these multiple state and central government initiatives provide subsidies, support to startups and micro-small-medium-enterprises (MSMEs) under their Electronics or Startup policies.

In the Information Technology (IT) domain, there’s a widespread prevalence of Hackathons, which are concerted efforts towards creating software applications in specified areas of interest. The Hackathon model has been very successful in galvanizing the IT community, industry with a Hackathon being commonplace in almost all University festivals, industry-promoted hackathons and government promoted hackathons.

It is IESA’s + STPI vision to create a similar focus on ESDM domain through the Makeathon to address the specific needs of ESDM domain, the 1 or 2 day Hackathon model cannot be duplicated for an Makeathon.

The following organizations have agreed to partner for the Makeathon effort

The Makeathon Process

  • Product design and development in the hardware domain, though has many similarities to software development, is more time, resource and effort consuming.
  • Technical complexity coupled with need for rigorous testing along with need for specialized tools for design and development make hardware innovation rigorous and time consuming.
  • To allow for this rigor and to provide the right environment for hardware innovation, the Makeathon initiative process will be as follows: Submit your Idea – Product Design & Design Thinking > Product Architecture Initial Prototype > Final Prototype > 30 Days free mentorship program, workshop on identify your customer & incubation at STPI Electropreneur park

Technology & Design Mentorship

Given the technology complexity of hardware, it is imperative that support from experts is needed for translation of ideas, architecture into prototypes. Understanding this need, IESA has been working to put together an ecosystem of technology partners for success of the Makeathon effort.






Jain Incubation


Texas Instrument

Texas Instruments




Electropreneur park




These partners will help teams through the initial and final prototyping stages by mentoring them with technology and design support, in both online and offline modes.

Prize Money to Winners

First top 15 teams would be awarded, and Industry technical team would help in product development and finetune the proto


1st runner-up

2nd runner-up

The product showcase ceremonies will be held in Bangalore
  • Bhubaneshwar
  • NCR
  • Chennai
  • Hyd & Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Guwahati (Optional)
Well-defined solutions to solve problems from the following sectors will be the basis for Makeathon 2019-20: Sectors of Interest
  • Education
  • Smart Energy
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Water Management - Rivers
  • Environment control
  • Industry Automation
  • Roads and highways
  • National security and defense
  • Intelligent Agriculture
  • Connected villages