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Only a very few economies have exhibited the strength to weather the harsh conditions prevailing in the global environment. India is one of those few countries, which, despite an economic slowdown in 2012-13 has not only withstood the adverse effects of the economic environment but has also risen like a phoenix from the economic ashes.

Sustainable growth and demand for ESDM sector

The new ruling Government of India has ushered in the concept of a Digital India. The basic premise of this concept is to increase the growth in domestic demand which in turn is facilitated by increased income levels. Increase in income is expected to lead towards a higher take-off for electronic products. Moreover, this need for electronic equipment also includes automation demands from the corporate sector. The government’s focus on e-governance and making it popular amongst the citizens is also based on digital-economic growth.

In India, the demand for electronics is increasing with a CAGR of 22% and is expected to touch $400 billion by 2020. Apart from that, the Electronics Hardware market is also expected to touch the $400 billion mark.

Make In India

A branch of the Digital India initiative is Make in India. The basic target of this is to have net zero imports in electronics. The thrust is on developing an overall indigenous manufacturing eco-system for electronics.

Expected major segments in Indian electronics market by 2020

$34 billion

Telecom Equipment

$35 billion


$29 billion

Consumer Electronics

$10 billion

Set Top Boxes

$10 billion

Automotive Electronics

$8.5 billion

Medical Electronics

$34 billion

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets

Electropreneur Park provides a unique opportunity to companies in the ESDM sector to view India as their next destination in order to cater to import as well as export demands.

Developing the electronic economy of the country

With an aim to make the whole of the country digitally savvy, we aim to promote and inculcate an environment of Research & Design, one which will engineer the growth of electronics. To know more about the blueprint of this innovative plan, get in touch with us.

Our Mission

  • To promote indigenous manufacturing in the entire value-chain of ESDM for economic development.
  • To develop capacities for manufacture of strategic electronics within the country.
  • To promote a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem of R & D, design and engineering and innovation in Electronics.
  • To develop high-quality electronic products at affordable prices for inclusive adoption and deployment to improve productivity, efficiency and ease of operations in other sectors.
  • To promote environmentally friendly global best practices in the use and disposal of electronic products.
Target Startup Dashboard




Patents to be Filed


Products to be Launched

40 Cr.

Funding to be Done

50 Cr.

Revenue to be Generated

EP Model

Key Stages of Electropreneur Park Model


Taking into consideration the typical nature and the overall potential of the Indian ESDM sector, the proposed model is called Electropreneur Park for Start – Ups / MSMEs / Academic / Entrepreneur and New Business Development in ESDM Sector.

The key highlights of Electropreneur Park model are as follows:

  • Accept ideas from across the country, and let people across the country incubate with Electropreneur Park
  • Have a widespread and distributed “global value network” of people and resources. This global value network will comprise of people and resources that can be called upon on a need-basis to add value to the innovation process.
  • Develop relationships with other organizations who share the vision of promoting entrepreneurship in India.
  • Promote free exchange of ideas between people. This can be done through an online platform (an “idea bank”) as well as offline “brainstorming workshops”